Friday, December 18, 2015

Eggs-Fact or Fiction?

Do you know these egg facts?

1.  You have to have to have a rooster for your hens to produce eggs.   Fact or fiction?
2.  That little white squiggly thing sometimes seen in the egg means that egg is fertile.  Fact or fiction?
3. Eggs should be refrigerated or they "go bad" Fact or fiction?
4. Brown eggs are better than white eggs. Fact or fiction?
5. Pastured hens produce eggs with less cholesterol than store bought eggs from big warehouses. Fact or fiction?

Washed eggs, drying on the counter. Once they are dry, I will pack them into cartons, label, and we will deliver to the little farm market down the road.  The hens mostly pay for their own feed this way. Organic feed is expensive, almost double the 'regular" stuff, but the whole reason we  raise our own hens is to have cleaner, more nutritious food for ourselves. So we feed the hens well, and they give us the best eggs in return.

Packed up and ready for market!

1. Fiction.  Hens will lay eggs whether there is a rooster or not. 
2. Fiction.  Its just part of the egg. Doesnt mean anything.
3. Fiction.... and Fact.... Eggs are laid with a natural coating called "bloom" which seals the egg and doesnt allow any bacteria to enter. Eggs left alone will keep on your countertop for a LONG time without going bad  However, our "wise" FDA requires eggs in this country to be washed.  Once they are washed, the bloom is removed, and bacteria can enter the egg. So, now they do need to be refrigerated.  They will keep about 5 weeks in your frig.
4. Fiction.  The color of the shell has nothing to do with the quality or freshness of the egg.  Different breeds of chicken lay different color eggs. 
5.Fact.  research has shown that eggs from hens that are raised in a natural environment outdoors will have about half the cholesterol, over 3 times the vitamin A amd vitamin E, three times the Omega 3, and 30%less saturated fat as eggs from warehoused hens.

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