Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Convergence, A River Run

I thought today i would take you on a short run with me. I needed to go to town, and decided to go on foot, taking a few
pictures along the way.
of course, there are farm chores to do first.
get the fire going:

Check on the chickens :  it was 3 degrees thus morning. I had already broken all the ice from the hen's dish, but in these temps, i will have to have to do that more than once a day.  They know how to peck through a thin coating of ice, but it gets thick and i have to break it up for them.
Hi girls!

A cold task

Before i go out there, i have to put on my boots with ice crampons... it is so frozen solid like a skating rink out there.. Even the dogs are slipping and falling. (Note to self:get video of this)

These are Katoola microspikes. And my Altra road shoes in the background.

So, with that taken care of, i head out the door. It is 13 degrees and snowing.  I wear yaktrax because the roads are still icy, especially the shoulder where i will be running.  

Just at the road near the bottom of our hill, a small spring runs under the snow.  Its source is in the forest  across the road from us. It gurgles gently and follows the slope downward, often disappearing under the snow.

A short distance down, and we meet another stream coming in from the south.  Our original spring flows into this just aroind the corner from where i am standing.  Now we have two streams joined.

For awhile, the stream parallels the road and i enjoy listening to the sound of the water.

Then, a a larger and slightly wilder stream comes crashing down the hillside to converge with our gentle friend.  I meant to walk across the road and show you the other side of the bridge but it was too icy there..
 Things are getting bigger, faster, and deeper now that we have three streams joined.  

Here, the water takes a turn away from the road, amd i run along in silence.

But again, we have convergence, this time, our combined streams flow into the river.   The stream is coming in from the left, and the river flows from the right.
 It looks cold, and deep.

It glides under this old stone bridge.

Its really wild amd fast now.  Not far from where i am standing, the water cascades over a falls, and an old mill was built to harness the water's energy. The mill still stands, though now houses a couple of restaurants and other offices.   

Thats it! My run took me away from the  water at this point, and i ran my errands (literally) and went home.

Weather today:3 degrees this morning. Lighe snow all day.
wildlife: they know better than to be out and about! They are hunkering down somewhere.
Daily run: only about 4.2 total, but wasnt it pretty?

Thought for the day.
Psalms 98: 8,9
Let the rivers clap their hands. Let the mountains sing together for joy. Let them sing before the Lord.


  1. I guarantee the deer and other thin skins r up and about keeping warm. They heard u coming from a mile away and hoofed it (oh yea, pun most definately intended). Looks beautiful.

  2. Theres a moose around here somewhere! He walked across the pasture, left tracks in the snow. Would sure love to see jim!

  3. Beautiful!!!! I want chickens...Julie has chickens and ducks and I am lucky enough to get eggs from both...her ducks chase their dog Indigo it is hysterical...so glad you are back!