Sunday, December 6, 2015

Last Project before Winter

The last project of the year was building a greenhouse.  Our neighbor built it for us out of reclaimed storm windows and a few sliding glass doors.   It went way over budget because this neighbor is a stickler for things being built to last, and the design of it was not quite what I had intended.  But it will work, and its definitely built very well!   I may end up needing a larger one at some point, but at least come spring, i have a place to start seedlings and get things going.
We still have a number of  windows left over. I think we will probably build a few cold frames in addition to the greenhouse, and use those windows as the lids.
There are still a few things to finish up on the inside.  We will insulate that back north wall, and paint it black to absorb extra solar warmth.   And i will have a high shelf for seedlings on the back wall, as well as planting beds in the ground.  And since there is plenty of height to work with, I can see having some hanging baskets in there too.

This would make a nice winter chicken coop.  Sunny, warmer because of the solar, and plenty spacious for them.  Maybe next winter we will do that.  This year, what with my knee surgery and all, we will stick with our current set up...

Meanwhile, the girls, (and two boys) are relishing being totally free range during the day.  They roam everywhere, but a favorite spot is in the garden, digging through the compost and winter mulch.

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