Wednesday, December 23, 2015

When One of Us Is on the Disabled List.......

...some things just dont get done.  There simply isnt time for one person to do everything that usually takes two people, one of whom works full time at it. Just aint possible.  So, we prioritize.  
The important things MUST get done. No matter what. Animals get fed and watered. Their bedding is kept clean. Food and fuel for us human folk has to be taken care of, even if the food is a bowl of beans and nothing else. The rest of it, well, we just do what we can....and the remainder has to wait.

The back sides of sheds dont get painted. Scrap wood doesnt get sorted and put away.

Next year's firewood doesnt get split. Not ideal, but we have to deal with this winter first.

Leaves dont get raked. Oh well...

Herb gardens dont get mulched for winter.

And forget housekeeping!

It is frustrating, knowing so many tasks need doing, things that would sure be nice to have done.  But it is what it is, as Steve is fond of saying.  Hopefully by spring, I will be back to the point I can pull my own weight.....meanwhile, Steve keeps being superman, and doing way too much. Love that guy...

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