Monday, February 2, 2015

And Even MORE Snow.....

Snow Dog! 

Another snowstorm, which is still going on as I type, will probably end up dumping close to 20 inches.
So, let's see, last Tuesday, we got about 20 inches, then Thursday, another 3-4.  Then Saturday about 5, and now today, Monday, another almost 2 feet. So, in less than a week, we have gotten probably more than 50 inches when it's all over. 
A friend stopped  by while we were clearing the drive, and asked if we were glad to have moved to New Hampshire.  I had to say "this is better than a forest fire", which was such a constant threat in drought stricken New Mexico.  But lots more work, I think.  Maybe it's a draw.

The jays didn't seem too bothered by the cold and snow.
 This was taken yesterday, when it was sunny but very cold.  This is Emmet.

Thank goodness for the snowblower.  By the time Steve had cleared the driveway, it had to be done again. Snow has been coming down at 1-2 inches per hour since about midnight last night.  

Yes, it was lots of snow, and lots of work. Steve worked with the snowblower on the driveway, and I did the front walkway, which was almost thigh deep on me, partially due to drifting.  I also had to clear out access to the chicken coop and run, and the duck pen.  Tomorrow, I will have to dig out both of the runs, but today, since windchills were below zero, I just made sure the doors could open.  The hens were fine, I kept them closed up in the coop all day, and they were warm enough in there. Today we got four eggs.  

Emmet and Will looked, well, miserable.

Weather today: What? you didn't look at the pictures?  
Wildlife.  It must be a constant search for food, to stay warm and survive.  The small birds, chickadees and woodpeckers, seem oblivious to the cold, but we read somewhere that they simply shiver all night (which requires lots of calories) and on a really bitter night, as many as 50% of them will perish.  

Today, we hunkered down and just stayed inside. Though I did suggest, a couple of times, that we don our boots and heavy coats and go for a walk. It just never happened. The fire is too warm and cozy.


  1. I am certainly jealous. 50" of snow in 7 days....amazing. Glad you guys are safe and warm.

  2. ha! Grab a shovel and come on over! We do have a SUPREME sledding hill... boys would sure love it. We are thinking of packing down a sort of luge run... in our free time, lol!