Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nothing Much

This afternoon, the sun came out. I guess it has been about a week since we have seen it. It is amazing how sunshine lifts one's spirits. At least, it has that effect on me.
This morning, I took the ailing hen back to tHe coop. she is doing much better. Although I did not see an egg, she was able to poop,  and her abdomen seemed much less swollen. She is sort of the low man on the totem pole, and tends to get bullied by the other hens. As I watched her today, I realized that some of her behavior may be related to just trying to stay out of the way of the bully hens. Anyway, I will continue to keep an eye on her.

I spent an hour clearing yet more snow.  Incredibly, we are due for another storm in a few days.  Where will we put it all?

Other than general housekeeping, and manning the woodstove to keep it burning,  and doing a few things in the kitchen, it doesnt feel like today was very productive.
I was actually going to try to work on a painting, but was interrupted by someone who came to get an old file cabinet from us, and I needed to help load it.   So now it is almost time to put the hens to bed, and think about supper.

Like I said, a sort of nothing day. But the sun is shining. How awesome is that?

Weather:  wow, its actually above freezing! I went out without a  coat!
Wildlife: no turkeys today, but I see some kind of small rodent tracks in the snow by the chickens coop.  Vole maybe?

4 mile run up snowy roads was quiet and peaceful.  Even the brooks are quiet, buried almost completely under mounds of snow.

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