Sunday, February 22, 2015

Splitting Wood

I thought you might like to see the manual wood splitter in action. This is how we do all of our firewood. For some reason, I am not getting audio on this, so in case you are also not, I will add a written description.  This manual hydraulic splitter is a great tool. We still split with an ax and maul, but the hydraulic allows us to split green or knotty  wood with much less effort. And since it does not use any electricity or gasoline, we feel it is a more earth friendly option than a big motorìzed splitter.
Steve splits, and I stack.  It works for us!

Meanwhile, as Steve was working on firewood, I finished stacking it. Then, I
Started some yogurt

Hung some laundry

 Then we worked together to cut and stack some of the scrap wood in preparation for boiling the sap.
There is still a large stack of it to cut.

And Steve decided to brush Marley, who sheds like it is her job.

Weather:gorgeous day! Sunny and above freezing.  Going to get down to single digitsagain tonight though. Just about time to drill the tap hole  for the sap..... yay!

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