Saturday, February 21, 2015

Soil Health

More snow today, and the grandkids have gone home (sigh, too soon) so it seems like a good afternoon for some reading.

In my continued readong of John Jeavons' book, I came across the following alarming statistics.

Current agricultural practices reportedly destroy 6 pounds of soil for each pound of food produced. United States croplands are losing topsoil about 18 times faster than the soil formation rate. This loss is not sustainable. In fact, worldwide, only about 33-49 years worth of farmable soil remains. 

It is tempting to feel helpless in the face of such dire  warnings. Better, perhaps, is a commitment to personally be  part of the solution, part of the earth healing, even if it is a miniscule part.

As Jeavons goes on to say, we need to switch our mindset-we need to stop growing crops and start growing soil.  Growing soil doesnt have to require a degree in soil science. It does require looking at the natural order of things, and using practices that mimic those  as much as possible.   Fortunately, there are so many books and resources that give us the information. I am learning as I go.

Weather: was about 4 degrees this morning, and snowing heavily again now.  I believe the forecast is for 4-6 inches.

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