Saturday, June 27, 2015

Goodbye George

I finally finished with the paint in the TV room, also called the "George Washington room".  This is because when we bought the house, this room had very old wallpaper, stained and falling off from previous water damage. The sellers had started removing the old wallpaper on one wall.  And under that wallpaper was maybe original paint, and the old plaster walls had been patched where cracks, etc. had been. One of those patches looked exactly like the classic profile of George Washington ;  you know, the one  in the portrait that you see all the time.
good ol' George

Can you see George above the TV?

its sort of like seeing the image of the Virgin Mary in your grilled cheese sandwich. We hated to have to paint over it.  We would have friends over, and just point to the wall, and say, "notice anything?"... and they would say, "You mean George Washington?"  So,  it was with just a little bit of sadness that we finally re-painted and said goodbye to George.
Well, not THAT much sadness.... gosh, this room has looked so awful, and took a ton of work to even get it ready to paint.  It has been a mix of a couple of colors of old paint, chipped, cracked walls and ceiling, stained, peeling wallpaper, and a few splotches of exploratory colors the previous owners had tried in a few places.  

I keep telling myself that we need to take "before" photos, so the "after" is more impressive.  But, I never remember to do that.
So, here is  the "after" at least.

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