Friday, June 12, 2015

Pasture Tour

I thought I would take a walk down to the orchard and let you see things from that side of the farm.  With my bad knee, its hard to get down there very often, but I wanted to check on the apple trees.

First I took a quick look up at the phoebe nest. These babies are almost ready to fledge. I wouldnt be surprised if they are gone by tomorrow. I am glad the demolition of the old shed was delayed a bit.

A newly mown pasture is a pretty sight.

I pass by one of the old apple trees. It is absolutely LOADED with apples! Problem is, they are all way up about 20 feet off the ground!

Just beyond the apple tree is one big thicket of woods.  This is where the goats will really come in handy.

Now I am down at the bottom.  These are the two very large, old apple trees.  They are also loaded with fruit.  More mowing has to be done down here.

Here is our little orchard .  There are the two good sized pear trees and the newly planted apples I put in early this spring. But will we have fruit?

We do!  Two of the newly planted trees have set fruit.  This is great to see.

I check the pear trees.  There are pears!  One tree has quite a few, the other not so many.

Something is already helping itself to some of the tiny fruit. Deer have also nipped a few of the lower branches. I hope they wont become a real problem.

This is where I am, down at the bottom of the hill, looking up at the house. The chicken tractor is barely visible at the top.

Headed back around now.  This is that thick piece of woods behind the old chicken coop.  The very productive apple tree is that one on the far right.

Just some wildflowers. Did you ever notice that Mother Nature doesnt have bare ground? There are plants to fill every niche, whether it be forest, meadow, wetlands, or the edges between these different ecosystems.

There is a flicker nest inside that hole in this dead tree. We see mom coming and going.

Almost back up the hill, coming up behind the old coop.

When you are a goose, you can just lounge is your swimming pool all day.

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