Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rotating Chicken Pasture

Today i rotated the chicken pasture.  Because of the barn construction, we have to leave the coop and fence out of the way of the big machinery, so they are staying on this side of the driveway area.  that just means we cant move them quite as often as we might otherwise.  

the whole reason to rotate the pasture is to have a fresh source of natural forage for them.   Left too long in one spot, they will scratch up the ground to bare dirt in short order. By moving the fence to new areas, they have access to bugs, grass, weeds, seeds, etc.  All that makes them healthier, and the eggs tastier and more nutritious.   

enjoying the new forage.  

You can see where the fence used to be.

we did not move the coop this time, so the area immediately around the entrance sort of gets sacrificed .  i will re-seed it with a good forage crop like buckwheat  once we move the coop.

This is so much healthier for them than a  bare dirt run, and if they are healthier, then their eggs are too.  I have neighbors comment, that  the yolk of our eggs are so dark. orange, and denser than store  bought ones, even the organic, so called :cage free: varieties.  It is all diet.  This fresh forage is what makes the diffrence.

i hope they are finding and eating all the ticks!

not chicken related.  I dont know what these flowers are, but they are pretty. 

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