Monday, June 15, 2015

There Goes the Shed!

Today began the demolition of the old shed.  It has stood for close to 100 years.   

 It didnt take long at all.
There was one tricky moment when Tom, the backhoe operator was pulling the roof down.  It shook the garage so much the chimney rocked back and forth,  but in the end, they got it down.

The dogs mostly just barked at the whole thing
 The chickens all ran from end of the pen to the other
The goats watched from the safety of their shed.
The geese just watched.  Once I sat down to watch, they came over and nibbled at my clothes.  That is their way of showing affection.

He especially likes my jacket zipper pull.

The shed is gone.Next will be the old stone foundation.

Then my camera battery died.  More tomorrow!

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