Sunday, October 11, 2015

Picture Worthy

Grandmother maple tree
This time of year, we get lots of folks taking a drive through our region, taking in the quaint New England villages and farnhouses and the lovely autumn foliage.

Yesterday, a passerby actually stopped and took a photo of our old house.   I guess this means our improvements and hard work have now made us picture worthy. Or maybe the American flag proudly flying gave the house some old fashioned Americana charm.  Either way, I take it as a compliment.
The grand oaks and grandfather maple in the upper field.

In other, less picturesque news, we are in the midst of digging up the overflow pipe frim our spring.  It had broken underground, and a large sinkhole of sorts clued us that something was amiss.
The old ceramic pipe you see was part of the system, and the problem finding a way to reconnect the pieces is that these pipes are well over a hundred years old.... not so easy to find connections! The hardest part was finding the underground pipes at all, and so we feel like we can get this done now that we can at least see all the pieces...

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