Monday, October 12, 2015

Walk About

I walked around the core homestead today to take some photos. I basically did a circle around the barn and garden areas.
 I step out the door and walk across the driveway.
 Up the slope in the horse paddock to the grand old oaks..
 To my right is the barn
 Ahead is the boundary stone wall.
 Behind me is the house.
 And the old and new barn.
 Walk down a little and see the horse stalls and ramp on this side of the barn.
 Walk a little further and look back towards the barn and house.

I walked down past the White House . We still dont know what to do with it.  Right now it is storage.  If it had plumbing, it could be a tiny guest cottage.

 I am outside the paddock area looking back.

 To my right is the north side of the barn and woodshed.

And in front of me is the back garden where we just moved the chickens. I just had a load of manure put here and they are tilling it all in for me.  Free labor.
 In front is the pasture.  I am going to walk downhill and around to the right. I will stay on this side of the pasture.
 At the botom of the hill i turn right. We are in process of clearing underbrush  in a thick stand of trees. You can see where we have and have not done any clearing in this photo.
 A little further and i am past the stand of trees and down in our little orchard. Two tiny apple trees and two larger pear trees are in view.
 If i look back up the hill, i can see the house.
 To my left, though not clear in this photo, is the run off from the spring.  Its running slow right now.
 Now i will start back up this steep hill.
 In this pic is a good example of chicken clearing. On the left is where chickens were pastured. On the right is what it looked like before. They ate up all the weeds.
 Here is our new fence.
 And ahead is the barn.

 To my right is the garden area and the geese and goat pens.
 Walking back up to the driveway, which, by the way, just got repaved.
 Through the stone wall by the old garage.
 And back to where we started.

And the sun is glowing through the foliage.

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