Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Soap and Shampoo

Soap and shampoo bars curing. They need to sit about a month before using.
Made a batch of soap and a batch of shampoo bars, as we were just about out.  For our own soap, I dont bother trying to make them pretty, just functional. And a nice essential oil for fragrance helps too.
I have stopped using any commercial products on our skin, since they contain all sorts of chemicals , all of which are absorbed through your skin.  I figure we have plenty of exposure to toxins without purposefully putting them all over ourselves.  These soaps only contain natural oils like coconut and olive, and the potassium hydroxide necessary to saponify the oils into soap. You can also use hardwood ashes(potash), but thats a bit more work.  Making soap isnt difficult, it doesnt take long, you have control over what goes into them, and its kinda fun.

Plus, its way cheaper than buying them.

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