Monday, October 26, 2015

The Never Ending Task

Clearing brush is a constant chore. The forest is continuously trying to take over the open spaces, and diligence is required to keep pastures clear. Vines, weeds , weed trees, thorns... they all love to take root and take over.
Since this maintenance had not been done here for a number of years, we are having to play catch up.
Today I spent about five hours working on clearing a steep hillside that was severely overgrown.  The chickens were pastured on part of the hill and definitely helped ... but it still required loppers and garden shears... the weedwhacker would not cut through the heavy stuff so it was all by hand.  Only the trees too large for me to cut with loppers are left.
Now this whole hillside can be mowed. A good days work I say!

 And after..
Looking down the hill

Looking back up

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