Sunday, November 15, 2015

Goat Pen Improvements

 Why did it take so long to do this?  Seems like some tasks, even relatively simple ones, just get put off. I dont know why.
Anyway, after trimming the goat boy's hooves today (another task that was overdue) I decided that we really needed to do something to cover up the bare (muddy) dirt in their pen.  Mud isnt good for any critter, except maybe the pigs.  The goat boys had too much mud caked inside their hoof walls, which can cause hoof rot.  So after cleaning and trimming their hooves, we hauled up some wood chips and spread them out in the pen. Their shed is layered with deep straw and wood shavings, so its fine, but the outside pen needed some upgrading.
 While we were doing this, we decided to pile up a few big rocks for them to play on.  Goats instinctively like to climb, and it will also help keep their hooves worn down.
It was immediate goat games on the new rocks.  Whoever could command the high position was King of the Hill.
 First it was Waldo.
Then Henry. 

Looks like it might be an ongoing game. Of course, I missed Henry doing running leaps and mid air twists onto the new rocks...but that was pretty cute.

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