Sunday, November 22, 2015

Moving the Chickens Inside

So, in preparation for winter, but a bit ahead of schedule due to my upcoming surgery, we moved the mobile chicken coop (Meals on Wheels) into the tractor bay of the garage.  It was a tight squeeze, only about a half inch clearance.   This is mainly so helpers taking care of our critters while  I am unable, wont have to deal with slogging through mud or snow, or turning the electric fence on and off.   One inquisitive hen is already trying to plan how she can get past the barriers we put up to keep them contained in this one corner.

Originally, we planned to put them in the greenhouse for the winter. Nice solar warmth and free fertilizer for next year.  However, the greenhouse isnt finished. It is built out of reclaimed storm windows.  The solar collecting power of glass is pretty amazing. Even with the sides completely open, it is warmer in there behind the glass than the surrounding area.
Once this is finished, that back wall will be insulated and painted black , and I will use some thermal mass collectors as well...

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