Saturday, November 21, 2015


Evidently its true what they say. "Chickens are a gateway livestock. "  
You're sitting there one morning, drinking your coffee, enjoying some nice farm eggs  and toast for breakfast, and you get to thinking, "it sure would be nice to have a glass of fresh milk  and some butter for this toast. "

And next thing you know, you have brought home a cow. 
So here she is, little Dixie MOOn, mostly jersey, with a little holstein thrown in, possibly some Gurnsey.  She is a week old right now, and very very cute.   Sorry for the bad photos.
Long story, but we first picked her up earlier this week, and she came down with a respiratory infection and some scours .  (diarrhea for the non farmers out there) so we took her back to the farm, and they are getting her all fixed up, and we are picking her back up next weekend after I am out of the hospital from my knee surgery.

We will be bottle feeding her raw milk, so her diet stay as close as possible to what nature intended. Probably for at least two months.  Then, slowly adding hay and grains as she is weaned.

Now thats a bottle!

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