Saturday, November 28, 2015

Goats, Winter Quarters

So today, Steve moved the goats into the big barn, where they will spend the winter.  This makes it more convenient for us, because we can drop hay from the loft directly into their stall, instead of lugging it from here over to the goat shed, plus the new paddock  gives them lots more room.

They look tiny next to the big barn.

They are checking out the new digs, including a fun stone wall for jumping and climbing.

The chickens are already in the lower barn level for the winter, and the geese will be moving into barn too, so everyone is all together.  This also reduces the amount of snow shoveling we have to do....

The "white house" shown here is currently only used for storage.  We have decided to make modifications to it, and use it for animal housing. Either a goat shed, or the cow barn.  Thats a project for next spring.

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