Tuesday, December 29, 2015

First Snow

Well behind the average first snowfall date, today's snow brought a little of everything... sleet, freezing rain, snow, more sleet... so it is an icy nightmare.  Hard to plow and shovel . Its not a real pretty snow, the kind of fluffy snow that sticks to trees and branches.  This snow is more like a block of concrete.
But, we knew it  was coming, and this was a good chance to see how the new barn and changed foot traffic patterns will work in these winter conditions.
Old and new barn

Looking out past our little orchard to the distant hillsides

Stone wall coated in an icy crust. The small cottage in the background, now abandoned, used to be the caretakers cabin for this farm.

The chickens had to stay inside their pen.  They werent happy about this.

The geese didnt seem to mind too much, but did resort to various methods of keeping their feet warm...


  1. Old man winter has been good to us. Ray, at the store, said he has measured a total of 41" so far.

    1. Thats amazing. Might be a record. Seems you are stealing it all before it gets this far.