Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Few Things

The goslings take a short visit outside to eat some grass. It was actually snowing off and on today, and pretty chilly, so we didn't stay long.

I spent most of the day moving firewood, and organizing the garage. In preparation for the new garage/barn, we have to move everything out of the old shed, because it is getting torn down.  There was maybe 2 and a half cords of firewood in there, plus alot of other stuff.. it all has to go somewhere. I got all the firewood moved and re-stacked (that's the thing about heating with wood - by the time you actually burn it, you have messed around with it, stacking, splitting, hauling, etc. and it has already warmed you several times).  Most everything is getting crammed in the garage temporarily, and I did some organizing and rearranging to make that work a bit better.  But, that's not very good photo opportunity, so here's a few other things going on.
The tomatoes are growing like mad. I might need to repot again! The neat thing about these plastic cups is that I can actually see the root growth, so I  will be able to tell when the roots start circling the cups, needing more room.
Oh those silly goslings.  They want to eat the pansies.  I took them out for bit of grazing. Geese pretty much survive on grass when they get older. It was too cold to stay very long. Little Bonnie started getting chilled so I brought them inside.
Remember the cheese I waxed? Well it has been a bit over 3 months, and I thought I would check on it.
It was absolutely perfect!   No hint of mold or anything, so the waxing really does keep it fresh. It tasted as if I just bought it, maybe very slightly stronger. It was a very mild cheese to start with.  I will call this experiment a success and might take advantage of any sales of good, organic cheese and preserve it this way.

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