Monday, April 20, 2015

Bonding With the Goslings

Our little  goslings, which, right now, we are calling Bonnie and Clyde for lack of any better ideas, need to learn that we are their flock leader.  They need to bond with us.  I had more than one person warn me about geese being mean, and causing problems.  Well, the answer to that is to have the geese bond with us.

That requires spending alot of time with them now, when they are small. Bonding is a natural behavior for them.. they actually WANT to bond with someone. If left alone, they simply bond to each other and everyone else is seen as an outsider or intruder, and the result is geese that want to defend their turf - mean geese... Not that I am an expert, but I figure the way to do this is to have the babies just follow me around the house as much as possible, handle them ... just spend time with them.  Already, they follow me from room to room on their little funny feet.
They take a nap on my lap if I sit with them.. I believe, even though I have lots of work to do around here, that this is time well spend now.  It's another reason I was fretting about leaving them alone all day yesterday.

Here they are following me.  I wonder if they think my plaid pajama pants are some wildly patterned mama goose?

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