Thursday, April 16, 2015

First Plowing!!

 Good Neighbor Carl plowing up the potato patch

Trusted assistant  Cody helping out

Ahhhh.... the smell of newly tilled earth! Nothing like it!

Today was a big event here on the homestead - he first breaking of ground for the garden ! I am pretty psyched.  And I wish you could see, feel, and smell this beautiful beautiful earth.... I am in heaven.  It looks like good rich soil, and deep.   It's still pretty muddy, so we will let this dry and then churn it up again before I get to raking out the grass clumps.  This area will be potatoes and flour corn and pole beans.
The corn  will support the pole beans, and the potatoes will be planted under and around the corn, which will give them some shade from the summer heat. At least, that is the plan right now.   I will have to fence this off from the chickens of course.

Just getting this first bit of land churned up makes me very happy.   the garden season is officially on!

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