Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mixed Bag

Who Could Resist This Face?  

Today was a sort of mish-mash of various tasks, overlapped as much as possible.

For starters, there is still sap to boil.  (This might be the last good week of sugar season, though, so I am not minding it).

The improved, repaired chick greenhouse.  Strapping nailed along the top and sides should keep the plastic secured now.

There was another necessary task, also outside.  A severe windstorm, with 40 mph gusts, pretty much wrecked the chick's greenhouse quarters.  There was nothing to do but take it down and wait for the winds to subside so repairs could be made.  Some extra wood strapping secured the plastic (which was not ruined, thank goodness) and so now the greenhouse is up and functioning again, and the chicks have more space.  They have had to live in the chicken coop since Saturday.

So it was a matter of  working on the greenhouse and monitoring the sap at the same time.  I also was able to plant a few more onion seeds for the cold frames, haul in some sacks of feed, and split the rest of the scrap wood for burning.

The girls found this southeast facing slope that is now bare of snow.

Cabbages are up!

More Onions!  A mix of red, yellow spanish, and sweet. These are out in the cold frame.

They say we might get snow again overnight.  Thats ok, I know it wont last... the spring sun is strong.

One of the things I always do is cook large batches of beans, of various kinds, and freeze them in dinner size portions.  So on busy days like this when I might not be able to cook an elaborate dinner, we can cook some rice , thaw the beans, warm up some tortillas and have a nice simple, but hearty meal that doesnt require much work .  As a special treat, tonight we will add some roasted green chiles that we found in the store last weekend. Yum!

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