Friday, August 14, 2015

Cabbage Trick

Do not feed the dog cookies. Pay no attention to his eyes...
So you have these beautiful cabbages growing in your garden. 
And once you cut them, thats it, right?

Well, not necessarily!

Two lovely cabbages
When you harvest, dont pull the whole plant up, or cut it off right at ground level beneath all the leaves.

Pull back the first set of looser leaves beneath the firm round head of the cabbage, and cut it above them. You are leaving several sets of big outside leaves on the plant.

If you wait a few days......

Tiny new cabbage sprouts begin to form around the cut edge.

Can you see the baby cabbages forming?
Give it a week or so, and you can harvest a second time from the same plant. These little sprouts will not get big, about the size of a golf ball maybe, but will be tender and tasty, sort of like cheater brussel sprouts, which I have never had luck growing. Saute with a little butter or olive oil and yum!

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