Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Filling the Pantry

Given our very short growing season, being able to preserve the bounty is important, and sometimes has to be done in small frequent bursts of work, as the produce becomes ready.  It took most of the day for me to do what is pictured here.

Two quarts of kimchi
One half gallon fermented kosher dill pickles
Sourdough starter
6 pints of salsa
A gingerbeer starter, which actually has been going for about a week now, but I am about to use it for a batch of ginger beer!
Zucchini in the dehydrator

This photo also demonstrates 5 different ways of preserving food.
Lacto-fermentation: pickles and kimchi
Wild yeast fermentation: sourdough
Canning : salsa
Dehydrating: zucchini
Cultivated yeast fermentation: ginger beer.

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