Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Update

Well, the front side of the barn now has windows and siding.

 Here it is, looking from the driveway. Starting to look like a barn.

 Here is the west side, where the stalls are.  You can see the tractor ramp leading up to the hayloft also.

 I am standing on the ramp, looking into the hayloft. The roofing is supposed to get here next Wednesday.

While the guys were working outside, I was in the garden pulling onions among other tasks.  Here they are laid out to cure on the front porch.  Once they are good and dried, i can cut off the stems and put them into storage. The annoyingly small onions will get peeled and chopped up and frozen.

And I finished up the peaches.  And picked a few more tomatoes. There is probably another 30 pounds or more of the paste tomatoes to pick.  My canning days are not over.

Tomatoes, jam, and fruit are three things that preserve well by canning.

All this daily bounty will start coming to an end.  I picked probably the last green beans today.  Will get a few more, but I will let these get mature for next year's seed.  Things are winding down, and its time for seed saving, cover crops, and a few fall plantings.  The tomatoes are actually looking pretty sad too... blight was really bad this year.

So we just enjoy what we have. We often have suppers made entirely from the garden.  Tonight was roasted yellow squash and zucchini with garlic and rosemary, sauted chard, big ol'sliced tomatoes,  sliced cucumbers, baked potato, fresh green beans, and some mini sweet peppers, and even a couple of nasturtium flowers, which are edible and taste lemony and peppery.

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