Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Peach Time!

Peach season is my favorite.  There is just not much better than a fresh, tree ripened peach.  I got a good deal on canning peaches, which are usually blemished, or otherwise seconds or culls.  Only these peaches were great, just the occasional hail spot or bruise.  
Anyway, I spent the entire day making jam.  I love peach jam. But really, the stuff has appalling amounts of sugar in it.  Yikes! Definitely not a health food!  However, I look at it like this: our diet overall contains very little sugar, so jam by the occasional spoonful isnt going to kill us .  We dont eat toast and jam that often, but since I make our own yogurt, the fruit preserves make a nice flavoring for that.  And nice gifts too.  I used up about 28 pounds of the 55-60 pounds of peaches I bought.  Jam is slow, because it has to be done in small batches.  Tomorrow, I will  be canning peach slices and that will go much faster.  I ran out of pectin and did a few quarts of slices today. 
I think sometime about mid-January, these peaches will taste mighty fine.

I also pulled some carrots.  Only about 6 pounds here. More to come. I am hoping that by the time I MUST pull the rest of them, the basement will be down to 40 degrees and they can live down there for the winter.

Barn update. The front is getting windows and siding. A major rainstorm halted work early today.

From the driveway. 

These guys (they just make me laugh) didnt mind the rain.  So far, they approve of the barn.  

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