Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Cabbages and onions actually got planted in the garden today! wooHOO! I have a few more cabbages to put in tomorrow, along with some lettuce and spinach and kale, broccoli and cauliflower.. all the early stuff. Will seed carrots also. This is the fun part.  Well, eating it all is the fun part, but this is rewarding after doing sooooo much backbreaking work getting the ground ready. There are four different kinds of cabbages, about 50 of them I think.  And maybe 150 onions, I lost some of the seedlings. Need more if I am to have enough to last till next year.

The youngsters hanging out by the compost pile.  Those white Brahmas are really nice looking pullets, don't you think?

Empty seed trays (what the onions were in), now ready to seed some flowers.
accckkk!  The chickens found my pepper seedlings and snacked heavily,pulling some of them completely out of their pots. I don't think any of them were completely destroyed, but, as you can see, they got nipped pretty well....
AACCCKKKK!   See why I had to put the fence around the  garden. Even so, they reached through and nipped the cabbage plants close to the fence.  
All of the photos of the garden area are barren and brown. That's because the former owner scraped the topsoil off that flat area to use as a driveway.  Maybe we can eventually  put some new dirt down and re-plant some green around the garden, I didn't want you to think the whole property is like that, so here is the side yard to show that things really are starting to look like spring here...Forsythia blooming and green grass.

The big chickens could not figure out the new waterer, but the youngsters took to it immediately.  Nice, clean, poop free water... That is a Plymouth Rock pullet on the left, and a Light Brahma pullet on the right. Both very pretty.

Another shot to the northeast.. trees are beginning to bud and pastures are greening up.

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