Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tractor Tractor Fence

who knows what chickens are thinking? These  y oungsters all decided the wood pallet where we stored firewood seemed like a good place to take a nap.  Go figure.

This is the "fence" portion of the title.  Steve installed the dog door, made a ramp to it, and put up a small fence for the dogs.  Now they can come and go from the house.  Eventually, we will fence all of zone 1 around the house, but not until after the heavy equipment is done with the barn build.

And this is the Tractor Tractor part of the title.  First, the new John Deere lawn tractor.  We decided mowing 7 acres with a push mower wasn't going to happen.  This also will be useful to pull things around the place.   Behind the John Deere, is the new (unfinished) Chicken Tractor.

Here's another view of the Chicken Tractor. What is it you ask? It's a mobile chicken coop.  I call it "Meals on Wheels".  This coop can be moved to several different locations, and the electric fence will be installed around it.  This way, the girls can have fresh pasture, and eat bugs and weeds to their hearts content, but still be contained and safe from predators.  When we found them across the street in the meadow the other day, we knew it was time to get this done.  

Dinner time!  They were waitaing for Steve when he came out the door. They absolutely know that the food bins are inside that door.  

Following Steve.  

The geese also got an upgrade.  A ramp leading to their swimming pool.  We considered a diving board. ... :-)

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