Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend Work

Cheery Spring Daffodils!
Steve worked all day today, seriously ALL DAY.. clearing out this bed. There were full size trees, shrubs, a large Lilac bush that was too close to the foundation, and a bunch of other weedy stuff.  It was quite a chore. I should remember to take before and after photos, but I never do..
Meanwhile, I worked and raked and leveled, and cleared a footpath in the main vegetable garden. It's almost there.. Almost ready to plant. wooHOO! Tomorrow, I will probably work to create the various growing beds, and some working paths in between.  I might even get to plant some things....
Steve spent about half of yesterday cutting down and hauling off the biggest rose bush you have ever seen. We had to remove it. It was growing through the retaining wall on the left, and beginning to destroy that.  I hope to prettify this entrance at some point. The cosmetic  kind of landscaping takes a back seat to getting the structure of the farm and the foodcrops planted, but a nice stone walkway, some perennial plantings, and mulch, maybe a birdbath .. will greatly improve this area.
100 strawberry plants in the ground.  The wire is to keep the chickens out of it.
Cold frame plants. Cabbages, lettuce, celery,  spinach, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale are all ready to go in the ground, as soon as I get the ground ready for them!
The tomato and pepper starts have been able to be outside the last couple of days, though I have had to move them all back in the house at night. I think tonight might be warm enough to leave them out.

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