Monday, May 4, 2015

Temporary Garden Fence

This is electric poultry net fencing.  It is a great, easy-to-use modular fencing system that can be used for other small animals too. I dont have it elelctrified at the moment. I just had to get something around the garden before I started planting or the chickens would scratch it all up.  We plan to eventually put a permanent fence around the garden, and we will use this  fence to place the chickens safely in other parts of the property.  They will be quite safe from predators-even hawks wont fly into a small fenced enclosure like this.

This is the gate.  The gate will be electrified also, but the plastic handle allows the user to open and close it without getting shocked. We will have a solar charger hooked up to the battery that runs the fence... at some point.  I dont need it electrified yet.

So maybe I can plant a few things tomorrow!
My summertime cologne.  It is officially black fly season. And hey, I like the smell of citronella and cedar!

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