Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Signs of Life

I am forced to use cell phone pictures for now, so I apologize for the not so great quality. 
Today I planted the grapevinesnd the hops.  Both of these looked like bare sticks mostly, but close examination showed tiny buds or roots beginning to grow.  Many things are popping out of dormancy now.  This is a great time of year.

First strawberry blossoms.

Hoop houses cover the heat-loving tomatoes and peppers.

These romaine lettuces will be allowed to mature to full size.  I have found that keeping straw underneath them helps them not be gritty when you go  to eat them.

The garlic is looking good, and interplanted with it are lettuces and spinach.

My entourage.

Raspberries are showing some blossoms.

And a few of the blueberry bushes have actually set fruit.

This is Floyd the rooster.  I think he is going to be especially handsome.  The youngsters are about four months old now.

So far we have planted
 apple trees
one thing remaining is a cranberry vine for down in the boggy area at the bottom of the hill.

Those are the fruit crops, well, except for hops.  I am still hoping for a cherry tree.  And investigating some nut trees that might be workable.  Even though it will be several years for some of these crops to really begin to produce, we have to get them in.

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