Friday, July 10, 2015

Causation and Casualties

The whole reason thaat we had to tear down the old shed instead of just repairing it was the fact that water was draining off the hillside behind the shed and over the years had pushed the foundation stones inward by over  foot, seriously compromising the structure. so,in building a new one, we first and foremost had to address the water issue. We had to build a drain and channel the water away from the building and give it a place to go.

part of the drain going in.

 There was a bit of a problem getting the dump truck up behind the new barn to drop the load of sand for the drain.  The truck got stuck at one point and in trying to maneuver it, it ran over part of our potato patch, completely destroying a portion of the potato crop. sigh.
I am pretty disappointed about this, but nothing can be done. however, I did rename the dump truck.  (I was unaware that guys named their heavy equipment, much like you would a boat).  This one was previously known  as Heavy Metal.

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