Monday, July 27, 2015

The Power of Observation

Are you listening? I am pretty sure its time for our treat!

I read this on a blog somewhere... that observation is maybe the most important skill (tool? ) that a person can have in regards to caring for animals.

I have come to believe it is absolutely true.  You gotta pay attention.  By doing so, you gain a good appreciation for what is normal for them, so that when they deviate from that normal, you recognize it.   It might be something small, but you see it.  Maybe just a coat that doesnt seem quite as shiny as usual, or rubbing up against the fence constantly, or feathers that seem ruffled,  favoring one foot, a lack of appetite, or some other behavior that seems different... all those things could point to a health problem or injury.

This sort of by default means being here, and spending a fair amount of time with the animals under your care.  Not everybody can do this.  Alot of small homesteaders  such as ourselves must work outside the home. Steve works full time.  I am looking for a simple part time job. I hope i can find something that works around the animals.  Well, it will have to.

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