Friday, July 24, 2015

Goose Poop on the Front Steps

You didnt think there would be a picture of goose poop, did you?

Yep, there it is again. Globs of green goose poop on the front steps.  If its one thing those geese are good at, its pooping.  They are champion, world class poopers. 
They have followed one of us to the front door and hung around waiting for somebody to step outside again.  They are nosy  critters and just want to know what is going on  sociable and just like to be around us.. So, since the front door us where the excitement seems to be, there they are. Hence the poop.

It could be worse.  I have had a cow plop on my sidewalk and thats a bit more volume to deal with.

What this really means is that we have a relationship with these animals. Its true for all the critters here.  They trust us.   We are the giver of treats, the bringer of goodies, the source of belly or ear rubs.   In short, we are their people.   I am happy to be just that.  I cant imagine anything much nicer actually, poop and all.

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