Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Signs of Summer

I found a nice patch of wild blueberries in the woods during my walk.  All i had was a bandana to carry them in, so I tied the corners, hung it over a dead branch, and voila! Instant blueberry container.  This ended up to be about 5 cups, just the right amount for a small batch of bluebery jam.

And, the real sign of the summer garden is the first cucumber and the first red tomato. Yum.......

We are harvesting a 5 gallon bucket of lettuces, kale, etc. Nearly every day.  The early peas are about gone. Their season was somewhat shortened by being planted a little too close to the goat pen. Green beans will be coming up soon, and peppers are starting to look good.  Celery is looking good. And the zucchini , well, you know what happens when the zucchini start producing..

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