Monday, September 28, 2015

All in a Day

One of those times I wish I had taken a "before" photo.   With much help from Steve, we dug up this flowerbed, which was completely full of iris, weeds, grass, even a thorny tree. Basically covered in 2 foot tall weeds. It has been driving me nuts, looking so tacky at the front of the house, but food gardens had to come first.
We took out every plant, raked it smooth,  and put down fresh mulch.  People kept driving by and commenting that it looked good.  Its nice to live in a small town.
That pile there is only about 60% of what came out of this  bed.

The woodshed now has four walls, its doorway, and the inside boards too.
We have been spreading dirt out to plant grass in the backyard.

And here's a first.... we broke in the new hayloft with a couple bales of hay!  My plan is to bring about 50 bales in, which shoild get us through most of the winter.

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