Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crash Landing?

Yesterday, we noticed Fred, the goose, was limping noticeably on his right foot.  We examined it, and it was definitely warm to the touch, meaning inflammation, but no other obvious signs of damage.  We think maybe he sprained it when he sort of crash landed after a very ungraceful flight from the top of the retaining wall..  Pretty much all his flights are ungraceful.. or at least the landings are. These geese are not really fly-ers...

Anyway, he kept holding it up, but didnt have enough sense to rest it, so we had to pen them up for a few days to force him to lay low.  They dont like it.  They are used to having the run of the yard.  They both complained all day.

Meanwhile, the two bunnies, Flossie and Flora, re-enacted a scene from Escape from Alcatraz, and dug a tunnel underneath their little pen, and ended up in the carrot patch again, nonchallantly munching away when I discovered them.

The bunny pen before the big escape.
The pen was always a temporary solution for them, as I knew they would eventually start to dig, its what bunnies do.  But even I was impressed with their tunnel.  They are now moved into a large crate inside the garden shed.  The crate has a wire bottom. No more tunneling bunnies.

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