Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Late Summer Garden

 The late summer garden begins to look a bit bedraggled,  as some crops are finished, cover crops are planted in their place, and a few things are left to go to seed for next year.
 Green beans have been allowed to go to seed... a hard decision, as we sure do enjoy tender young beans fresh from the garden. Its a balancing act, because its possible I could have gotten a few more beans, but frost is coming and I wanted the seed beans to have time to mature and dry for collecting.
 Cabbages are all ready to pick, a slight problem because the cellar is not cool enough for storage.  However, the cabbage moths have returned, and if I leave the cabbages in the ground, they will be covered with cabbage worms soon enough.  My solution has been to ferment or dehydrate these instead of trying to store them whole. Dehydrated cabbage is surprisingly sweet and tasty, and easy to add to soups or stews.
 The last of summer carrots are also ready.  And one very healthy looking sweet potato vine holds promise of tubers.... we will know soon enough.

 There are still a couple of tomato plants that escaped the blight. We may get a few more garden tomatoes, but i consider tomato season is mostly over... sigh....
 Brocolli have been allowed to go to seed.  I hope to collect the seed heads once they mature.
Winter greens and root crops are planted here where I can cover them in case of frost.... more are in the cold frames.
 The sweet peppers are just really coming into full production. I have never been successful with yellow or red peppers until this year. Notice I did find a few young beans and picked them for a last bean supper. The yellow squash struggled all summer, amd now, suddenly, is producing more squash.
The goat boys enjoy the spoils.... a few spent vines or fruits go their way.

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