Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We've Been Hydroseeded

The guys came today to hydroseed the main horse paddock. Hydroseeding is a sprayed-on coating of grass seed, some liquid nutrients, and a cellulose fiber that holds the moisture and keeps the seed in place. It is more expensive than if we spread plain grass seed ourselves, but has several advantages.
Seed germinates more quickly and gets established sooner.
Doesnt wash away as easily in a heavy rain.
And, maybe most importantly, doesnt attract the wild turkeys to come and gobble (ahem) all the seed.
 And who wouldnt like that turquoise color?
Really, you would think if they have to add color to it, that they could make a more natural green.
 They tell us in a week we will see sprouts actively growing.
While they were outside spraying, I bottled up some homemade probiotic ginger ale.  This might deserve its own post some day, but this ginger ale is ginger-y and fizzy and not sickingly sweet, and even full of good probiotics!  That's the "ginger bug" on the left, a starter culture of shredded ginger root and sugar and natural yeasts and bacteria, similar to a sourdough starter for bread. Yum!

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