Sunday, September 27, 2015

First Fire, First Killing Frost

 Well, last night caught me by surprise.... it wasnt forecast to get below freezing, but it did, ( we think it got down to 28) and all the tender plants in the garden were killed.  See the snow like frost in the pasture above.  There was ice on our cars even.  So that means i went ahead and pulled up quite a few plants in the garden and tossed them on the compost. The greatest loss may be the winter squash, which I was really counting on. One vine wasnt totally killed, and it has fully half our entire butternut squash harvest, but its too early to tell whether enough of the vine is left to allow the squash to ripen. Fingers crossed....
The woodshed is getting walls. We need this space to stack our firewood. Which evidently we are going to need real soon. We had a fire in the woodstove last night. First fire, first frost.
 I like the look of it.
The north end view. There will be a sliding barn door on the open side.

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