Thursday, September 17, 2015

Garden Time Lapse

Well, not like a time-lapse photo. Maybe more like "garden progression".  I was just looking at it today and remembering what it all was when we moved into the house 10 months ago.

What it looked like when we bought the house.  Kinda weedy.

 November:  I started pulling weeds. Some wouldnt be pulled, so had to cut them down. Ground is beginning to freeze.

 Then it all froze, and winter set in.

 December... or just about any day between December and March.

 April... ground is finally almost thawed.  I removed the old raised beds, which were rotten, except one.   We tilled, added some manure, and put up a temporary fence.

 May... a few early things are planted. I see cabbages and lettuce and kale.

 June... it finally looks lime a garden!  Everything is planted. The marigolds that line the aisles have just gone in. This is likely later in June. And notice we painted the chicken coop and goat shed.
 July..... growth! We are harvesting greens, beans, maybe some tomatoes.

August..... this is about peak... sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, green beans! Look at the marigolds now.

 September... already slowing down.  Corn is gone, tomatoes are done, onions are pulled and a cover crop planted.

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