Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Onion Independence

Recently, it came to me that pretty much every recipe I have begins with an onion.  I can almost not think of any meal that doesnt have onion in it.
What does that mean for the garden, and our goal to grow as much of our own food as possible?

Well, for starters, it means I should be planting a heck of alot of onions!  If I used one onion every day, then  that is 365 onions. But, since it is entirely possible and even probable that
A. Not every onion I plant will mature
B. I may need more than one onion a day.
I better plant extra!  I would say 25% extra.  That means I should be planting about 455 onion plants.
And, if I start from seeds, then I have to add even a few more, since not every seed will germinate.....


So, as I plan out the garden for this spring, I will be dedicating a large area for onions.   I dont know why it took me so long to think about it like this.  But anyway, the goal for this year's garden is ONION INDEPENDENCE -to grow enough onions for storage that I will not have to buy any from the store.  Its a big goal.

But just think of the savings for our grocery bill if I grow enough of that one thing that we use every day.

It probably wise to concentrate on just one goal, but I am also going to increase the amount of greens I plant, because thats another thing we eat every day.... more spinach, lettuce, kale, chard, turnip amd collard greens, .... these will all find a bigger place in the garden.  These things dont store, like onions do, but many of them are so hardy they can be grown even in winter in a cold frame....

Weather:  cold!  I think it only got up to about 17 today.
Wildlife:  i hd  nice video of the turkeys, but it wouldnt download
Training. Pushups, ugh...

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