Monday, January 19, 2015

Some Garden Prep-

I love this old pine. A brief patch of sunlight breaks through in a mostly cloudy, dreary day.

According to my planting chart, i have about 6 weeks until I plant the first seeds here indoors, or in  the cold frame.
So, this seemed like a good time to sort through my seed box, and see what I have, and what I might need to order. I dont need much of an excuse to look through seed catalogues and gardening websites....

Looks like I need a bigger box!   The seeds are roughly alphabetized.

 I have a separate bag for flower seeds.

After organizing the box a little, I have a good idea of what seeds I have, but will definitely check my planting list to see if there is anything that needs to be ordered. Some things like lettuce, spinach, chard, amd carrots that get planted multiple times during the year, I will need to have plenty of seed on hand.

Meanwhile, I put together the little shelves where I will put the inside starts.  Its right by a radiator, which helps to creat a small microclimate that is a bit warmer than our drafty old farmhouse

The seedlings will eventually start taking over every sunny window.

But what I could not find were the grow lights that I use for some of the early starts. I looked everywhere. Not in the garage, where all the garden tools and row covers are kept.  Not in the basement where the seeds stay nice and cool. Hmmmm.... where could they be?  I begin going through every drawer, closet, success.....
where are those grow lights?
After pulling every box out of the attic closet, I come to the last unopened box. (Figures)
There they are! With the music, of all things!  You never know when you move across the country, where things end up in the packing process!

So, tonight after supper I will be double checking my planting list against the seed box contents. I already know I need more lettuce, and more chard.

Vinegar update.  Things are bubbly and foamy in there, can you see it? In another few days, i'll test it.  First, we just need this brew to ferment into alcohol....

Weather: January thaw for sure... 33 this morning!  All that rain turned our back yard into a skating rink. I have to wear crampons to get to the chicken coop. Or maybe I should just wear skates!
Wildlife:  turkeys really hung out at the feeder all day, scratching around till they got down to grass under the snow.
Training:core work. Planks, and pushups... yay.

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