Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thinking About Barns

So, in preparation for building a barn, hopefully later this year, I have been scanning the web for ideas.  Though it would be wonderful to have a grand old barn, our budget is for a smaller, simpler structure that is functional.

 Maybe not quite this small.....
And definitely not this big.
This is about right.
Due to the location, I think we will need to go with a breezeway style like this, rather than a center aisle.  But we are still in the early planning stages.  I need at least two stalls, a tack room, and hay storage.  it is exciting and fun to think about.

Weather:32 and sparkling sunshine today. Wonderful.  The temps have dropped and we are expecting near zero by morning. I locked the hens up early so the coop might build up a little body heat.
wildlife: nothing today!
training:oh how I wish I had my camera today as we went on a wonderful snowy winter hike to the top of a local mountaim.
perfect day!
PSALMS 74:17
It was You who set all the boundaries of the earth. You made both summer and winter.

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