Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When Your Firewood Isnt Completely Dry

Redneck firewood dryer

Moving into the house so late in the year made it real, real hard to find firewood, period.   Nobody, but nobody, had seasoned wood.  Next year, we will have time to cut and season our own firewood, but this winter we had to buy it.  We ended ip buying semi seasoned af a ridiculous price.  Semi seasoned wood should burn ok, but unfortunately, a big storm hit the week prior to our delivery, and all our wood was soaking wet. We have had a heck of a time getting it to burn well.
Three things we have done:
Split it really small
stack it loosely inside, and run a fan on it
stack it on all the radiators.  

Its helping, but i am glad we have lots of kindling.

Below zero again tonight, so we need the woodstove for sure.

I had planned some bird photos ( because they are so much more interesting than firewood) but the desktop computer which has the camera connection keeps locking up. Its ancient.

Update on the apple cider, it is happily fermenting away, and the apples are beginning to sink to the bottom instead of floating.  I am told that is a good thing.
I have a real batch of cider that is almost ready to bottle. I cant wait to see how it turned out.

Update on chickens:They got a heated water dish installed this afternoon.  We will see how effective it is in sub-zero temperatures.

Weather today. 8 degrees this morning. Stayed very cold all day, but sunny.
Wildlife.  More turkeys, maybe i can have pics tomorrow.
Run: about 8 miles on icy roads!

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