Friday, January 30, 2015

The Way We Were

Mr. Newton,  with the dairy cow. Barn and silo shown.

You dont often get a view into the past for a property you buy.
We are very fortunate that our neighbors are part of the family that owned this farm for many years.  I  was psyched when theu showed us a f ew old photos of the place.   Most everything is pretty much the same, with the exception of the grand old barn that used to grace the  back part of the farmyard. Oh how I wish it were still here.  It actually is still in existance, having been taken apart, the pieces numbered, and rebuilt down in Massachusetts somewhere.  I would love to go see it. Foundation issues here forced its removal. Sigh.... 
the photo above, with Mr. Newton and one of the cows, and the barn cat, is my favorite.  I might have to paint that one.

Here are two more, comparing yesteryear, and today.  These are just photos of the photo, so resolution isnt great.

Then:  standing in the driveway looking out towards the back.
And now, same view.  

Then, standing about where the bird feeder is now, looking towards the back.  Notice rhododendron bush blooming jn foreground..
How beautiful it looks!
Now, same view. Bush has grown, some trees have grown in,

Seeing these old pictures really made me love this place even more. We cant afford to build a grand barn like that, but we will at least return the fields to grazing livestock, and the garden back to productivity. And the land will be loved, and the farm cherished.

Weather:snowy, but quiet and peaceful. In the 20s
Wildlife:Just Emmet amd Will as usual
Training: core work!

Lamentations 5:21
Restore us to yourself,  Lord, that we may return. Renew our days as of old.
While this verse is really a prayer of the Israelites in the Old Testament, I think it speaks of a common human desire... to return to good days, and old times. That is what we hope for this old farm.

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