Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chicks are Here! Getting Some Sap and Keeping It Cool

Another absolutely beautiful spring like day today.  It's going to get cold again, but we sure are enjoying
this little stretch of spring like weather.  It's good for the soul after the harsh winter.

Well, along with this warmer weather is a big increase in sap production. I will take you along as I collect from a couple of buckets...

What I've got to do next is run down to the farm supply and get some old used wood pallets. Our sap storage tanks are big 55 gallon plastic barrels (drums, really) that are sitting out in the snow to keep the sap cold. With these warmer temps, snow levels are dropping and I need a way to pack snow around these barrels as high as possible. So I'm going to go get some pallets and wire them into a sort of cage around the drums so I can pack them with snow and keep that sap cold! Sap is like milk, it will spoil fast if not refrigerated.

So, I am back from the farm supply. Here is what I made. I just bungeed some pallets together and packed snow all around inside as high as I could.  This should keep the sap plenty cool.   I also put a cover over the top of the barrels, since they are black and absorb solar warmth. It's just an old camping pad, but it's silver on one side and reflective, so I figured it would not only shade the top of the barrels, but also reflect back some heat to keep them cooler.

My redneck refrigerator

And finally, what you REALLY want to see! Here is Day 2 of The Chick Flicks
Maybe tomorrow, I will talk about why I selected these particular breeds. Today, just enjoy the little fuzzballs..... 


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  1. Love the chickies! I am going to be really jealous when you have fresh eggs coming in.